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Devoxx UK 2016 Wrap Up

Well thank you Manchester Java Community for the Devoxx tickets, it was an excellent conference! I’ve just got back home after two activity packed days at the Business Design Centre, London which played host to the Devoxx UK Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, there was a very good mix of speakers and and technical talks […]

Using the Builder Pattern in Jackson

Using a builder pattern for your classes is a useful pattern when you have a large number of optional parameters. Static factories and constructors have a limitation; they do not scale very well when there a large number of optional parameters. Within this post I look at a basic builder pattern and how we can use the builder […]

Adding 3rd Party Libraries to a Swift Playground

Objective Add a 3rd party library to a Swift playground Swift playgrounds are great for quickly trying out new ideas, it can often be a lot easier to try out concepts within a playground than a whole application. Sooner or later you are going to want to add a 3rd party library to a playground, […]

Implement your own onboarding flow using a UIScrollView

Objective Implement your own application onboarding flow using a UIScrollView   Many popular applications, Google Translate, Pinterest, Fitbit, SwiftKey, to name but a few, have a series of screens to introduce the applications features/concepts to new users. Commonly, these screens consist of an image, small amount of text and a UIPageControl, allowing navigation between pages.

Securing Your Application Keys

CocoaPods-Keys is a way of removing API keys and secrets from your code. Securing application keys can be difficult, CocoaPods-Keys abstracts away this difficulty for you. When you add keys and associated values using CocoaPods-Keys, the key names are stored in ~/.cocoapods/keys/ and the associated values in the OS X keychain.

Better Completion Handlers In Swift

So it has been almost a week since iOS Dev UK in Aberystwyth. The last session I attended was Power Swift which was run by Natasha the Robot. I have been looking at writing better Completion Handlers in Swift. Within the session Natasha helped us through a series of Playground files on: ‘Error Handling’, ‘Higher […]

A Summary of iOS Dev UK

iOS Dev UK 5 I am just back from a week at iOS Dev UK 5 and what a week it was. It is only when you attempt to provide a summary of all the sessions that you attended during the week that you realise the amount of sessions and the quality of sessions on […]

Inspecting Mobile App Traffic Using Charles Proxy

There are many reasons you may want to inspect mobile app traffic using Charles Proxy. You may want to change the responses which come from your server during testing. You may want to see how your favourite app works. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can use Charles Proxy to inspect mobile traffic.

Getting Started With Behaviour-Driven Development

I’ve written before on the subject of Behaviour-Driven Development, here and here. I have found it invaluable in answering the question “what should I test?” Focussing on behaviours rather than tests, helped me a great deal. A focus on validating behaviours soon becomes second nature and I found it a lot easier than Test-Driven Development.