Adding a gradient background in swift a video tutorial

I wrote an article a while back: How To Add A Gradient Background In Swift. I got some comments asking some further details on how to add using XCode. I published the code up to Github here: I have decided to create a screencast based on the blog post. This is my first attempt at a screencast so go easy on me. I decided to do a quick screencast on adding a gradient background in Swift. I have added the background in code rather than using images. Code allows you to cater for different screen sizes and device orientations.

How To Add Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection, why do you need it? You start your new app with good intentions. You strive to keep the code clean but quickly things go wrong. You hook your app to a set of services, add analytics, add some logging. Quickly you find there are dependencies all over your app. It is almost impossible to run automated tests against your app. Difficult to reproduce strange behaviour users are reporting out in the wild. It might be time for Dependency Injection.

How To: A Simple Login Form In Swift – Part 2

In this series of blog posts we aim to show you how to build a Simple Login Form in Swift. Back in Part 1 we left off with a Login Screen which opens when you run the app. In this part we are going to add a LoginService which will manage user authentication. If the user is already authenticated they will be directed to a Welcome Screen. Users who are not authenticated yet will see a Login Screen.

How To: A Simple Login Form In Swift - Part 1

There comes a time when login within an app is necessary to access a secure resource. This post walks through the implementation of a simple login view in Swift.